Papa Khan – Anti-Normal [Album]

Artist: Papa Khan
Label: Xoxltn Records
Genre: Dubstep / Trap
Release Date: July 10, 2020
Format/Quality: MP3/320KBPS

DOWNLOAD ZIP: Papa Khan – Anti-Normal (2020).zip

01. Papa Khan – Intro
02. Papa Khan – Alpha
03. Papa Khan – Papa Style
04. Papa Khan – Hellheim
05. Papa Khan – Machinery (feat. Vuture)
06. Papa Khan – Disintegrate (feat. 5KiloByte)
07. Papa Khan – The Chief
08. Papa Khan – Children of the Tribe
09. Papa Khan – Adios (VIP)
10. Papa Khan – High Shit (feat. Jojo J)
11. Papa Khan – Venom (feat. Agnlre)

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